ZVOX 580 SoundBase Sweepstakes

Register to win a ZVOX 580 SoundBase (MSRP $599.99) we are giving away.

According to ZVOX:

Now you can get room-filling home theater sound - without a room full of speakers and wires. The ZVOX Z-Base 580 is a complete surround sound system - including dual powered subwoofers - all in one cabinet. Just place the 580 on a piece of furniture, place your flat-panel TV on top of the ZVOX system, connect one wire...you've installed a high-performance home theater system in under 10 minutes.

The sound quality of the ZVOX 580 is comparable to that of much more expensive multi-speaker systems. It includes five high-performance speakers and dual 6.5" powered subwoofers for window-rattling bass. The ZVOX PhaseCue II virtual surround sound system creates three-dimensional sound without the need for multiple speakers throughout the room. Movies come to life with vibrant, realistic, high-impact sound. Music sounds accurate and natural. And vocals on TV shows come through with incredible clarity.

The 580 uses a highly advanced processor to digitally tailor the sound for excellent frequency response. The result is a very smooth, very accurate sound. This Z-Base system doesn't sound like a "sound bar," it sounds like an audiophile quality speaker system.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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RobSenner's picture


rstedman's picture

Thanks for the contest.

tekmiester's picture

I can't wait to hear it.

hamlerda's picture

This will reduce some clutter and the WAF is very high!

willdao's picture

...I have just the one!

garebearvol's picture

Love the simple look.

norneslo's picture

it would be a daily driver!

esquared33's picture

I could absolutely use this with my current set-up!

dommyluc's picture

Well, I didn't get a shot at the Oppo because I waited too long (large sigh), so I guess I can live with the ZVOX, if I really have to. I suppose I can find somewhere in my meager living quarters to use it, and if worse comes to worse I can always sell it and use the money to pay for the medical treatments I have to have to combat my bouts with the "Itis". But, of course, don't let that influence you in any way. Oh, and BTW, who do I have to have sex with to win this prize?

NewHTbuyer's picture

Looks great!

masterklee's picture

For my home office.

scardella's picture

This would be perfect for my baby boy's nursery!

drronn89's picture

Cannot wait to hear it compared to the B&W sound bar or zeppelin. I have B&W's all around in the living room, nothing in the bedroom, maybe this will he the one instead of all Bowers in the br.

drronn89's picture

Cannot wait to hear it compared to the B&W sound bar or zeppelin. I have B&W's all around in the living room, nothing in the bedroom, maybe this will he the one instead of all Bowers in the br.

seanwalshrynders's picture

I want one!!!!

rickinfl's picture

This is the perfect Soundbar. I would love to get it!

rdgcss's picture

I want one

John62's picture

This thing will sound sweet in my system

kevbass's picture

What a good thing to have for those tight areas where good sound is needed.

Chewbacca's picture

got to be in it to win it.

tobytoblr1's picture

mine! i win
well,at least please enter me into the contest!! thanks

mrdon's picture

To have this is our new rec room!

roger6383's picture

I've been debating between one of these or a soundbar for my living room. Winning one would make that decision a whole lot easier.

RhysO's picture

This would go perfectly with our new Panasonic Plasma. Thanks!

mtlong's picture

Would love to have this...

jokerswild81's picture

Fingers crossed!

PatVan's picture

This would be great for our rec room!

EnergySpeakerFanatic's picture

Quality soundbar. I would love to hear it

jbwitt's picture

i'm in

kps88user's picture

For this great opportunity!


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