ZVOX ZBASE 555 Surround Soundbar Sweepstakes

Register to win a ZVOX ZBASE 555 Surround Soundbar (MSRP $399.99) we are giving away.

According to ZVOX:

Unlike conventional home theater systems or "sound bars," the ZVOX 555 creates room-filling three-dimensional sound from a single low-profile cabinet. No external speakers or subwoofers. No speaker wires. Just place your flat panel TV on top of the ZVOX system, plug in one connecting wire -- and you're ready to go.

The 555 uses 5 full-range speakers, a 5.25" powered subwoofer, a 70-watt amplifier and ZVOX's proprietary PhaseCue virtual surround technology. It includes revolutionary a Dialog Emphasis circuit to create super-clear voice reproduction. And you can program the 555 to work with virtually any remote control.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

carlabree1's picture

I watch a LOT of movies!! This would be awesome!!

kibbyster's picture

would love to have this for the master bedroom. thanks again.

ob4's picture

Great if sounds as good as it looks.

Toslink's picture

Based on the number of positive reviews for this product, I recommended a friend, who as looking for a basic sound system to improve on his TVs anemic sound, give them a look. He purchased the ZVOX-420 and raved about the improvement, saying it was worth every penny. Now, if I could win one, that'd be great. Fingers crossed.

selinda_mccumbers's picture

My husband would love this!

holychocolate's picture

This bar is pure candy, I have the perfect spot for it.

pointfdr's picture

i could use this

Paul G Curtis's picture

I sure hope I get one of these soundbars. My TV sound is terrible!

djvitamind's picture

Would love this to replace my MainStageHD. Thanks.

RichGalloway's picture

I could use this

FACSman's picture

I like!

olsonk81's picture

I have heard this thing... it is pretty awesome for the price! Would love to have one.

lblumenthal's picture

I would love to have a ZBox for my new 3d screen in the living room.

colpliscol's picture

Would love to try it out...

richardrice30's picture

I already have one 555 in our bedroom. Love it. Have a good location for another.

Kim Israel's picture

I will make great use of this ZBox!

davmrls's picture

I hope I win!

ems's picture

Perfect timing. Yesterda, I was considering investigating soundbars for the LR tv.

korotko's picture

Flat Screen speakers "SUCK". This would work great in our bedroom!

jsfb6pts's picture

Looks like some are going to be disqualified .
I had just been looking at this ,Thanks .

beemerrider's picture

I have a friend with a similar model and it is pretty impressive for size and price. Would love to win one of these for my mother so she can hear her TV without having the volume on full distortion.

Mr. Mxyzptlk's picture

This would be a perfect companion to my secondary setup in a non-dedicated room. Would love to give this a try.

dachst8087's picture

Surely would work for my Master bedroom

AaronSB's picture

I have been curious to hear this design from ZVOX. I have a perfect place to test it out too!

Frankonwheels's picture

I received a new bedroom TV for my birthday, and this would complement it very nicely...finally get to see and feel somethin' get blown up real good from the comfort of our bed. Yay.

Teseract's picture

I'd use this to make my Grandma be able to hear her TV. Stupid thin LCD speakers, ugh.

drx2's picture

Perfect for the bedroom Unobtrusive

Music Man's picture

Count Me In

VWguyBruce's picture

Time for the system in the master Bedroom.

strypa's picture

Have a couple of it's little brothers. They are great. Would love this one.


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