Balancing the Budget

Meeting the client’s budget while providing the home theater of their dreams is often a balancing act that Barrett’s Home Theater of Naperville, Il. is used to. “Homeowners usually don’t realize what it takes to build out a room like this theater,” says John Wettlaufer, Barrett’s Custom Audio Video Manager. “In this instance, we were able to have an informed dialog with the client and make key decisions and compromises that made it possible for us to design a great home theater at a price they could live with.”

This theater was part of a basement build out, with a contractor assigned to the project before Barrett’s was brought in to define the location and space. While the contractor was very competent they knew very little about building out a theater room, which required Barrett’s expertise in this area. Together they were able to build out a beautiful and highly functional room that would surprise people to know it was originally a basement.

Once the build out was complete, Barrett’s installed all the equipment and performed all the audio and video calibration. “It’s actually surprising how many high-end projects are not as well calibrated as this theater,” said Wettlaufer. “We consider this the most critical step in the installation process and all our theaters sound fantastic, including this one.”

The interior styling of the room was the client’s inspiration, fitting well with their own personal taste. The theater has become the preferred place for family time plus kids like to bring their friends over to watch movies and TV.

Equipment Runco Front Projector
Stewart Screen
B&W Speakers and Subwoofer
VIP seats
Integra Receiver
Integra Blu Ray
Panamax power conditioner
Audio Quest Cables
Middle Atlantic

Contact Info
Barretts Home Theater
John Wettlaufer
Custom Audio Video Manager
Cell 630-514-1889
Fax 630-428-2832

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Mike's picture

This theater is our project. John Wettlaufer and Barrett's did a great job and have been great about answering our questions and being accessible afer the project was finished. John suggested the lighting which makes the room so much more elegant. There's no substitute for dealing with knowledgeable people. I found the carpet and my wife was hesitant about it initially but once it was installed she agreed that it adds quite a bit to the room. The crown moulding is 6" below the ceiling with rope lights that reflect up to the ceiling. Thanks for the compliments.

Rick Walker's picture

Very nice and clean Home Theater. I love the color scheme and would like to know what colors you used for the walls and trim. These colors would look great in the room I am building. Thanks! and congratulations on your beautiful Home Theater Room.

Amrit's picture

damn this looks pretty nice! really cleanWhat kind of instructions did you give your contractor for the ceiling ? i would like the same ^_^can you please give me details about the ceiling ?

Anne's picture

Beautiful room....can you tell me the colors of the walls?

Patrick King's picture

Very Nice, Ive been thinking about making a theater room out of my basement for some time. I really love the look of your's I do plan on trying to DIY this project and plan to have something on par but prob won't look this good. One question I have is.. How big is your room? I am only working with a room 17ft long by 11ft wide before the wall installs. So prob have a bit less to work with.

htdkcc651's picture

It's definately hard to find a home theater system at this quality for such a low price. I was lucky and found great, affordable home theater installers scottsdale.They did a great job, I was really pleased.

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