Panasonic 152-inch 4K Plasma

Panasonic's 152-inch 4K plasma is nothing new, but it never fails to impress, especially when seen next to a person, in this case PR rep Courtnee Coburn. CTO Eisuke Tsuyuzaki told me some people have actually built a house around this monster!
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uavmatthewweflen's picture

OK, let's say I'm a well-heeled guy who is "building a house around an AV system." Why should I get this as opposed to a 4k projector with a 152 inch (or greater) screen?

I'm just having a hard time seeing the benefits. The power consumption has to be outrageous. What's the mean time to half brightness? Maybe the 4k projector would require costly lamp replacements?

Talk me through my outrageous purchase.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
For one thing, the plasma undoubtedly puts out a lot more light than a projector reflecting off a screen, so it would be better for a Super Bowl party. But the biggest reason is probably bragging rights. Almost anyone can buy a projector, but how many people can actually buy this plasma and supply it with power? If it's like other Panasonic plasmas, its half life is 100,000 hours, which is far longer than any projector lamp. Still, I bet you could buy lamps for a hundred years before catching up with what this thing costs.
Jarod's picture

How much does this baby retail for Scott?

Scott Wilkinson's picture
I'm not sure, but I've heard it's around half a million bucks.
submettins's picture

I was wondering how much is this. I'm genuinely thinking of gettingg one of these for movies. @term paper

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