Wilson Audio Thor's Hammer Passive Subwoofer

With his magical hammer Mjöllnir, the Norse god Thor is said to have produced thunder. So there is no more appropriate name than Thor's Hammer for the ultimate subwoofer from Wilson Audio. In fact, this monster might have put Thor himself to shame, since it can reproduce frequencies even lower than natural thunder.

Standing five feet tall and weighing over 400 pounds, Thor's Hammer utilizes two 15-inch, long-excursion drivers with dual spiders designed to limit their movement to a single direction of motion, thereby greatly reducing distortion. The dual-ported cabinet is made of Wilson's X material, an extremely dense composite that exhibits high rigidity and high damping at the same time.

Whereas most subwoofers these days are powered, Wilson believes that the best possible sound is achieved by using the same amps for all speakers, including the sub. So Thor's Hammer includes no amp of its own, leaving you to power it as you see fit. With a sensitivity of 89dB/W/m at 100Hz, it doesn't need exorbitant wattage, though the extreme low frequencies do require substantial power to make a real impact.

So how low can it go? Wilson claims an average in-room response down to 10Hz! Of course, that kind of oomph doesn't come cheap—Thor's Hammer will set you back $21,000, not including an appropriate amp. But if you want to descend into the depths of Hel (the Norse underworld), there's probably no better way to get there.

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Winston Cho's picture

Ok, the wife acceptance factor on this piece of audio nirvana is off the charts - in the "absolutely" no way in my living room direction. At the end of the day, this subwoofer is going to cost me about $42K, $21K for the equipment and about $21K in jewelry to get my wife to approve it's placement somewhere in the house. Add another carat or two to the diamonds if the subwoofer will be in our line of sight.

Jarod's picture

These subs double basket and spider design reminds me alot of car audio sub-woofers. If you look at one of the higher end sub-woofer lines from Memphis Audio you will see a very similar design. I bet these babies do get super low! Love to have em.

dave j's picture

I wonder how this subwoofer system would do serving as the 16 ft, 32 ft, and perhaps the 64 ft registrations on an imitation pipe organ, such as, a Rodgers organ for example?

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