JBL Launches Project Everest

JBL is showing their new cost-no-object Everest speaker system. This system has a virtually unmatched combination of high-end transparency and extreme dynamic range. The horn midrange covers from 700 Hz to 40KHz with less coloration and better transparency than I’ve ever heard from a horn transducer, thanks to newly developed Beryllium diaphragms. A horn super-tweeter increases dispersion in the extreme highs. With an efficiency of 118 db/1w/1m, the main horn operates at such a low power that distortion and dynamic compression never increase, even in high level listening. Touted as the finest speaker JBL has ever built, these $60,000 beauties, with their slightly retro look, are a fitting tribute to JBL’s 60th anniversary. Hopefully the technology will trickle down to more affordable home theater models.
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morata's picture

this JBL HI FI product is rather fabulous and state of the art. More than ever JBL knows what's hi fi, and, professional Hi Fi with the greatest knowledge all over the world. With these incredible cabinets, we listen really studio live sound, it's magical

Dave's picture

Out of curiosity I went to the JBL website to see the specs. I'm not sure if it's a misprint but, the -6db point is 45hz. These monsters have twin 15" woofers and no bottom octive. This can't be right, can it?

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