Million-Dollar Stereo

Swedish speaker maker Perfect8 assembled a 2-channel rig in its Venetian suite that would set you back a cool $1,000,000! Aside from the speakers, which include a pair of Forces and three Cubes with powered subwoofers, the system includes electronics from Ypsilon, an Audio Stone Pythagoras turntable, and ZenSati cables. I heard a recording of cello and pipe organ, which was spectacular—a beautiful, open sound and great bass response. For more on the Perfect8 speakers, click here.
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Elvin Farmer's picture

Oh, it's so great to have these at home! Wish to use it at the dinner room. My previous audio home station costs me about $890.000 but I think new one has a great weatm sound. My friends agreed with me. Gonna bye it soon. Wish to hear voices of Spice Girls via this amp.

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