Paradigm Sub 1/2

In addition to the Seismic 110, Paradigm will be introducing two new flagship subwoofers at CEDIA this year. The Sub 1 ($3500) has three pairs of stacked 8-inch drivers, while the Sub 2 ($7500) sports 10-inch drivers in the same geometrically aligned configuration, which is said to balance the forces generated by the drivers. Powering the Sub 1 is a class D amp that generates 1700W sustained/3400W peak, while the Sub 2's amp puts out an astounding 3000W sustained/7500W peak with a 20-amp, dedicated 120V circuit.
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Seth G.'s picture

Isn't this the same idea Mar tin Logan has been using for some time with their subs? I wonder why they went with the stacked pairs of woofers - maybe so people wouldn't say they copied the design directly from the ML subs...

Scott Wilkinson's picture

Yes, it sure seems like the same idea.

Gerren's picture

Possibly because ML and Paradigm are owned by the same parent company.

Mar k's picture

ML and Paradigm owned by the same company? Are you sure?

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