Podcast 29: Bob Carver

Audio legend Bob Carver tells stories from his more than 35 years as an audio designer, including his first amp built into a coffee can that the McIntosh Amp Clinic could not drive into clipping, beating the amp challenge issued to Stereophile and other publications, sonic holography, long-throw subwoofers, ribbon speakers, and answers to listener questions.

Run Time: 55:00

Click here to listen to this podcast.

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dmusoke's picture

Greatly enjoyed the interview. Thanks but it was too short! Wish you had the time to talk about new products he's planning down the line. I have his large ribbon Amazing Loudspeaker as well as the 'small' ribbon ones he showed in the interview. I also had his stereo M1.0T amplifier and currently use the TGA7401 amp, a 7x400W amplifier. Also i have 2 of his HRS-12 subs in my system! As you can tell, i'm a fan!!!

Jarod's picture

Another great podcast! Listening to Bob Carver speak about amplifiers is absolutely fascinating! Great stuff

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