Vizio VF551XVT

The 55-inch VF551XVT is Vizio's first LCD TV with LED backlight and local dimming. Slated for June, it also operates at 240Hz and offers a USB port and five HDMI inputs. The price? Only $2000! For that little, I could certainly tolerate the garish red soundbar grille below the screen.
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Dennis Ratcliffe's picture

They had a getto chrome speaker bar on the first version of the 55" LCD, wife would not let me buy set because of it. Now they hae a tacky red speaker bar and she hates the look. I hope the final production they paint speaker bar black as it will improve look of set and make for better sales. Vizo please I want set but wife said no way if it it red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tv's picture

Get rid of the red bar. It is hideous.

Jarod's picture

I agree. The red bar is very tacky.

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