Yamaha RX-Z7 AVR

With most of the same goodies found the $5,500 flagship RX-Z11 I recently reviewed in Home Theater magazine, this $2,700 receiver from Yamaha is a killer bargain! The below black and above white clipping Kris Deering noted in the review has been corrected in the new models (including newer Z11s). You get Internet radio, 140 watts x 7 channels, Rhapsody streaming, XM/Sirius readiness, and web-browser control, five HDMI inputs, two outputs, and scaling up to 1080p.
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Nick's picture

Hello, I want to buy a RX-Z11 with corrected video clipping issue, do you have any tips how to know the unit is good?

Pete's picture

the video clipping issue isn't really an issue at all. The Z11 is passing correct color space for DVD. Check out this article: http://www.audioholics.com/tweaks/calibrate-your-system/hdmi-black-level...

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