Sony SCD-XA5400ES SACD Player

A two-channel / multi-channel preference switch, DSD-output via HDMI, or decoded and sent out over HDMI, and room for 5 discs(CD or SACD) which should be all the Wagner anyone in their right mind can stand.
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Keith Lewis's picture

The card in front of the player says this is a 5-disc carousel player. I thought it was a single-disc player. The disc tray doesn't appear to be the same width as the trays on previous carousel players. Is this a misprint on the card, or does the new machine have some new type of carousel loading mechanism? Can anyone comment?

Fred M's picture

Keith, not a typo. I zoomed in on my picture and the disc drawer width is almost exactly the same as the LED control panel width, if that's any help. Not a "carousel" of old, more like a car disc loaded I guess. Fred

alrmad's picture

Don't think it's a 5-disc carousel player. At least no mention of this in the user manual: ( I downloaded it to check what I thought was a typo, namely that it would play back DVD's loaded with .dsf (DSD) files ("DSD-discs). Until now, only the PlayStation had this option, but obviously not with this level of DAC's, audiophile connectivity and circuitry. For people who record in native DSD using either Tascam or Korg eq., this is surely good news!!

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