New Lineup From NAD

NAD announced a gaggle of new products, including 4 AV receivers, a tuner pre-pro, DVD player, and amps. The top of the line T785 receiver at $2999 (shown on the bottom in the photo; on the top is the T775, one step down at $2499) is rated at 110W x 7, has multichannel analog inputs and preamp outputs, and 4 in, 1 out HDMI switching. The HDMI 1.1 inputs for the 785 and 775 are fully AV capable, and will accept multichannel PCM on the HDMI AV line. They are also equipped with the Audyssey MultEQ room equalization system.
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Mr. Mortensen's picture

Looks nice, Buy what about HD formats? dose it suport the next gen sound? (DTS HD & Dolby digital lossless/HD)

ALB's picture

this is the most amazing thing ever. just looking at it gives me chills! a little over priced, but what the heck, it is money well spent!

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