Pioneer Elite Is Now Sharp Elite for TVs

Pioneer has licensed its Elite brand to Sharp as a prelude to the joint marketing of Elite-branded LCD TVs.

Historically the brand has applied to all of Pioneer's higher-end products, including plasma TVs, audio/video receivers, Blu-ray players, and speakers. For instance, Pioneer maintains two receiver lines, called Pioneer and Pioneer Elite. The deal with Sharp covers only TVs, and will allow Sharp to introduce a line of high-end Elite-brand LCD TVs this year in North America.

For Sharp, the Elite badge will offer an advantage in the marketing of high-end sets, which it will do through Pioneer's dealer network. For Pioneer, it will complement other Elite products, now that the company's own highly regarded Kuro plasma line has been discontinued. Pioneer licensed its plasma technology to Panasonic last year.

As pointed out in TWICE, Sharp owns a piece of Pioneer.

Incidentally, the logo shown here is a mishmash created for this story. What the new Sharp Elite logo will look like was unknown at presstime.

See Sharp press release.

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deckeda's picture

I guess Pioneer had to do *something* with the brand. However, "selling out" is just as likely the perception that will result, as salepersons everywhere will now have to explain that the new LCD Elite TVs aren't in the same league as discontinued Elite TVs, and that Pioneer only licensed the name, having zero tech experience to share here.

The irony of it is that Sharp is THE true "pioneer" in LCD screen technology, yet has largely remained as a second- or third-grade brand tier for TVs.

HDGURU's picture

I work at Best Buy and a few years ago our Pioneer rep informed us that Sharp bought their major share holdings. From what we were told the plan was to use the Elite signature to place on Sharp LCD's, the Pioneer rep cringed when she said that. The name for TV's was supposed to go to Sharp and the technology to Panasonic.

She began to explain that Pioneer did not want their brand to be represented by LCD's, but it was no longer in their hands. Sharp was to start the name Pioneer LCD's and then branch to the US a few years later. Some of those things I thought were just up in the air, but to hear it now is amazing that it's true. Just amazed at all of this...

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Pioneer has licensed its Elite brand to Sharp as a prelude to the joint marketing of Elite-branded LCD TVs.This is really the best information shared with us , it will helps and attracts many peoples who are planning to buy their new Tv.

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