Energy Remains Energetic

The news from Energy concerns a tower and a center speaker. The RC-70 tower ($1100/each) has two 6.5-inch ribbed elliptical surround woofers and an aluminum dome tweeter, ideal for medium to large rooms. Available finishes are rosenut and black ash. The RC-Mini center ($275) has dual 4.5-inch ribbed elliptical surround woofers and the same tweeter and is available in rosenut, cherry, or black lacquer finishes.

Jonathan's picture

Energy speakers are too good. My C-6's from 1996 still look and sound as good as the day I bought them. I auditioned them after they were reviewed in Home Theater Mag. Thanks Energy and HT!

Jim Ecker's picture

no comparison to the veritas series

Kevin's picture

I am not sure I understand this...."News from Energy".Is Energy showing the current RC-70 which came out in 2006, or is this a new version of it? I know that their website states that the current RC-70 as only available in Black.

Mark Fleischmann's picture

Kevin is correct, it is an older model. I saw it in the literature for the show and incorrectly assumed that it was a new model or a new version.

Kevin's picture

Thanks Mark, I just wanted some clarification...there is nothing wrong with Energy keeping that design as it an outstanding sounding speaker. I know they had stopped making RC-70's in Rosenut, Cherry and were only making them in Black. Was there some info that they are making Rosenut RC-70's again (I hope so)?

Lego's picture

I definitely would like to hear of any news about Energy's product lines. Are the going to be discontinuing the RC series completely, or just the rosenut and cherry colors?

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