If the Remote Ain't Broke, Don't Replace It

Consumers junk millions of remote controls each year. But 20 percent of remotes deemed defective can be returned to service with a simple reset routine, according to MrRemoteControls.com. Here are the instructions verbatim:

  1. Take the batteries out of the remote control.
  2. Press and hold every single button down, for 3 seconds, one at a time until every button has been pressed and released. Do not skip any buttons.
  3. If the remote has slide bars, the slide must be moved to each position then step no. 2 should be repeated.
  4. When finished, put the slide bar in the correct position to operate the desired unit (for example TV).
  5. Put new batteries in and try the remote.
If you do need a replacement, MrRemoteControls.com has 250,000 remotes in stock dating from 1987 and sells them "at very discounted prices."

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