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SV Staff Posted: May 24, 2016 1 comments
A “vintage” streaming audio player, speakers with a built-in phono input, Sony’s take on UHD TV, and more.
SV Staff Posted: May 24, 2016 0 comments
Oppo Digital, which built a reputation building award-winning high-performance Blu-ray players, is expanding yet again.
SV Staff Posted: May 24, 2016 0 comments
Forget Atmos and DTS:X surround sound. Marantz is bolstering its stereo collection with a new integrated amplifier and CD player. You read right: CD player.

SV Staff Posted: May 19, 2016 3 comments
If the perpetual pursuit of sonic perfection is in your DNA, here’s a wall treatment you might consider.
SV Staff Posted: May 18, 2016 0 comments
The Philips BDP7501 Ultra HD Blu-ray player demonstrated at CES in January will be available for sale in June, according to P&F USA, the exclusive North American licensee for Philips TVs and video products.
SV Staff Posted: May 18, 2016 0 comments
Denon has added two richly-featured budget models to the fourth generation of its X Series line of AV receivers.

SV Staff Posted: May 17, 2016 2 comments
Yamaha today announced the Aventage RX-A 60 Series of AV receivers, comprising six models that will hit stores between May and July.
SV Staff Posted: May 17, 2016 0 comments
If you’ve ever wished you had a way to prop up your portable Bluetooth speaker when you relaxing out on the patio or at the park or beach, your prayers may be answered in the form of GorillaPod, a small, flexible speaker stand you can take with you.
SV Staff Posted: May 16, 2016 0 comments
If you’ve been thinking about getting an antenna to see how many local HDTV channels you can pull in over the air for free, Mohu has a unique product it hopes you will consider: An indoor antenna made from recycled paper…and cable boxes.
SV Staff Posted: May 11, 2016 0 comments
The last piece to Pioneer’s 2016 AV puzzle is the 5.1-channel VSX-531 AV receiver, which is now available for $250.
SV Staff Posted: May 11, 2016 0 comments
Silicon Valley-based Ignition Design Labs has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new Wi-Fi router designed to “thrive” in congested environments with multiple bandwidth-hungry activities going on simultaneously.
SV Staff Posted: May 10, 2016 0 comments
Definitive Technology today announced a redesigned fourth-generation version of the front/rear-radiating BP10 bipolar tower speaker it introduced 25 years ago.
SV Staff Posted: May 09, 2016 0 comments
NAD Electronics has announced plans to expand its Masters Series product line. The M32 digital integrated amplifier ($3,499) will join the line in June, followed by the M50.2 digital music player ($3,999) in August.
SV Staff Posted: May 05, 2016 0 comments
Audio Research is introducing the Foundation Series of tube-based components at the Munich High End Show.
SV Staff Posted: May 04, 2016 0 comments
Sony announced availability and pricing for nine new audio products, including two AV receivers, a Blu-ray player with Hi-Res audio capability, soundbar, and wireless speakers.