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Chris Chiarella Posted: Dec 13, 2013 0 comments
By 1973, the marital arts genre was nothing new, but Bruce Lee took it to new heights with what would be his final completed film, Enter the Dragon. The movie gave a worldwide theatrical audience a glimpse of his genius as a true star and as an action hero second to none, performing feats that boggle the mind even in today’s jaded milieu of wire-enhanced stunts and computer-generated effects. Lee starred as, well, “Lee,” a gifted Shaolin martial artist recruited by British intelligence to compete in an exclusive tournament staged by the suspected opium lord, Mr. Han.
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Bob Ankosko Posted: Dec 13, 2013 0 comments
In a world increasingly populated by horizontal soundbars, Artison has taken a different approach with the high-performance Masterpiece LCR DualMono MK2 speaker system, which produces three front channels from two cabinets flanking the TV.
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Geoffrey Morrison Lauren Dragan Posted: Dec 12, 2013 0 comments
All other headphones bow to these. All other headphones are NOTHING compared to these. These are, to put it simply, a collection of the greatest headphones on Earth.

One of them even looks like bacon.

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Al Griffin Posted: Dec 12, 2013 8 comments
Q What are the pros and cons of having a 2013 Panasonic plasma TV such as the TC-P55VT60 professionally calibrated? And what should I look for in a calibrator? —Scott Oakley / via email

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Barb Gonzalez Posted: Dec 11, 2013 0 comments
Another ten mobile apps can now stream to Google's Chromecast dongle. Find out if it's time to add the Chromecast to your home theater.
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SV Staff Posted: Dec 11, 2013 76 comments
Register to win a Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 Wireless System ($449.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Benefiting from Cambridge Audio’s vast Hi-Fi expertise, Minx Air 100 is designed to deliver stunning audio quality from stored tracks and streaming services. Patented BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speakers create a rich sound that’s more room-filling than similar-sized traditional speakers.

[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Dec 10, 2013 0 comments

PRICE $1,299

Well made metal bar
Wireless sub, Bluetooth
Solid performance
Pricey for a soundbar

A high-performing soundbar with HDMI connectivity and lossless-surround support.

Like a pilot fish feasting on a shark’s leftovers, the soundbar has occupied a secondary role since its inception. You might imagine a TV without a soundbar but never a soundbar without a TV. Even so, secondary doesn’t necessarily have to mean second-rate. What if your soundbar were as good at producing audio as your TV is at producing video? What if it were better than your TV?

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Al Griffin Posted: Dec 10, 2013 0 comments
Q My friend uses an iPod touch to stream Pandora Internet Radio over a speaker system at his outdoor tiki bar but is having a problem with some songs playing louder than others. I have gone into his iPod’s General Settings menu and activated the Sound Check button, but that feature only seems to work for tracks played in iTunes. Is there an in-line device with 3.5mm connectors that can hook up to the iPod’s headphone jack to level the audio output?—J. Glemming / Calabash, NC
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Leslie Shapiro Posted: Dec 09, 2013 3 comments
“When Britain first, at heaven's command, arose from out the azure main, this was the charter, the charter of the land, and guardian angels sang this strain: Rule Britannia! Britannia rule the waves!”

Those lyrics, set to rousing music by James Thomson in 1740, declared that Great Britain was the emerging world superpower. Fulfilling the patriotic acclaim of the song, Britain did indeed soon rule the waves, and in fact, the sun never set on the British Empire. Similarly, Sony Corporation ruled the waves of consumer electronics....

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Dec 06, 2013 0 comments
I never got to see the 1973-74 version of King Crimson. It played its final concert in New York's Central Park just over a year before I moved to the city. I always wished I could go back in time to attend one of those concerts. Well, be careful what you wish for.


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