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HT Staff Posted: Aug 14, 2013 0 comments

You know that old saying, “Life begins after 40”? Well, it’s true. That’s because it’s the exact moment when you become aware of your own mortality. In your twenties and thirties, you’re still technically invincible as far as you’re concerned and blissfully naive, but when 40 hits, it’s “Holy crap, I’m gonna die!” Suddenly you’re on numerous prescription medications and seeing far more of your doctor than you’d like; proctology exams, mammograms, prostate checks, pap smears, the works.
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Ken Richardson Posted: Aug 13, 2013 0 comments
Also: Glen Campbell, Chastity Belt, Mickey Hart Band, Béla Fleck, Nirvana vinyl, and more.
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Ken Richardson Posted: Aug 13, 2013 0 comments

Sam Phillips: Push Any Button

New release (Littlebox)

You make modern accommodations from audience reaction
Stereo realist
Disconnected exposure meter

Start counting everybody
It's gonna blow
Pretty Time Bomb
You're a mirror of your times

Not the average opening lyrics of your average chanteuse. But then, Sam Phillips has never been anyone's average singer/songwriter, as she herself acknowledges: "I never could go with the crowd / Even though they seemed to know where they were going."

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SV Staff Posted: Aug 13, 2013 0 comments
Shane, Olympus Has Fallen, The Company You Keep, Seconds, Emperor, The Damned.
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Josef Krebs Posted: Aug 13, 2013 0 comments


A cartoon I once saw depicted a middle-aged businessman staring out of his corner office window and crying out in desperation, "Shane.

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HT Staff Posted: Aug 13, 2013 0 comments
Samsung Electronics America today announced the U.S. availability of its first-ever curved OLED TV. The 55-inch KN55S9C is shipping to specialty retailers nationwide and will carry a suggested retail price of $9,000.

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HT Staff Posted: Aug 13, 2013 0 comments
It might be time to dust off your old turntable. Good old two-channel stereo is the focus of Onkyo’s latest receiver, the $199 TX-8020. The 2 x 50-watt model recalls the simplicity audio’s heyday with an all-metal front-panel and chassis, five analog inputs, an AM/FM tuner, a moving-magnet phono stage for playing vinyl records, and controls for bass, treble and balance. You won’t find any video switching on this puppy.

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Rob Sabin Posted: Aug 12, 2013 0 comments
At any given moment, we’re usually working on six to eight test reports among various staffers. Of those, perhaps two or three products might be the “latest and greatest” while the rest falls more into the bread-and-butter category—another $600 or $1,000 receiver, maybe another bookshelf speaker system. As I looked over our recent slate of reviews, I was indeed struck by how conventional the mix appears to be. And yet, as I dug a bit deeper, I came to see how well it represents technology trends that have come to define the audio/video space, circa 2013.
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Steve Guttenberg Posted: Aug 11, 2013 Published: Aug 09, 2013 0 comments
Build Quality
Price: $449 At a Glance: Stellar build quality • Folds up into a compact bundle

AKG credits producer, recording artist, and DJ Tiësto (Tijs Michiel Verwest) with the sound tuning of the headphones that bear his name, and that’s cool, but I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that’s not necessarily a good thing. I haven’t been swayed by any celebrity ’phones, but I try to approach every review with an open mind, and by first judging their look and feel, the K267 Tiësto doesn’t give off any overt DJ vibes. As soon as I started listening, I relaxed. It didn’t sound like a DJ headphone; there’s no pumped-up bass or zippy highs. The K267 Tiësto sounds, above all, balanced, which puts this new AKG in the top ranks of audiophile headphones in its price class.

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Brent Butterworth Posted: Aug 10, 2013 0 comments

Who among us hasn't wanted to share their music with friends? And who among us hasn't been thankful when headphone-wearing friends weren't able to share their music?


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